REMIXERS UNITED 7 + Exclusive Interview with DONNY

O Natal chegou antecipado em 2016,
 o projeto REMIXERS UNITED lança seu 7º volume de remixes inéditos.
São 29 remixes inéditos e dois megamixes especiais.

Neste 7º volume contêm remixes incríveis como a parceria entre
Dubtronic e Marco Sartori em Take A Bow (Sartori & Dubtronic Remix).

Patrick Samuel volta com tudo com 3 remixes maravilhosos,
Celebration, It's So Cool e Holiday.

O cabeça do projeto Donny, apresenta duas produções,
 um remix para Score (faixa que ficou de fora de Rebel Heart) e o megamix Rebel Hits 2.

Muitos outros nomes famosos no mundo madônnico e
 muitos outros hits também estão presentes em RU7.

Um final de semana com muita música :)

O link abaixo leva vocês até a página oficial do projeto no facebook,
 lá você encontrará o link para baixar RU7, lembrando que a senha para
descompactar é remixersunited.

Além desse lançamento fantástico, confira a entrevista exclusiva com Donny, que conta tudo sobre RU7 e sobre projetos futuros.

Executive Producer Donny O'Bryan

INCO: Thank you for the interview, Donny

DONNY: It is no problem at all.  My pleasure.

I: Seven years.  This must be very exciting for you.

D: Yes, where has the time gone?  So many releases!

I: I agree.  This year had a lot of releases and great remixes.

D: And new discoveries. I was thrilled to discover the remixer named Marco Sartori.  He is extremely talented.

I: His compilation "Madonna by Marco Sartori" was amazing.

D: I know!  This March, RU will be releasing a second volume of his work.  Great stuff!

I: Tell me about the process of putting together RU7.

D: This one was a little more difficult to do because of several factors.  First, I was working two jobs, as well as started a new relationship.  This left me with very little time to contact remixers and make many remixes.  I didn't get started until a couple months back.

I: That was quick to put together!

D: I know.  And the remixers were so generous to provide something on such short notice.  I am so grateful for them.

I: I'm happy to see some of my favorites, such as Patrick Samuel and Deep Factory!

D: Yes, such great talents came through for me.  Earthonika returned for a unique version of Ray of Light.  He seems to be a fan favorite.

I: I noticed you promoted with several video clips.  This was different and unique.

D: In the previous years, I promoted the compilations with audio clips on soundcloud.  But this year, I decided to try something new.  I like the idea of taking each remixer and making a video promotion, one track per remixer.  It was a nice change.

I: Such a good idea.

D: One day, perhaps in 2017, I'd like to release a video compilation instead of an mp3 album.  It's possible!

I: But you'll still continue songs in audio format - and placed on soundcloud, correct?

D: Oh yes, although I must admit: I'm not happy with soundcloud because they won't allow all of the tracks when a compilation is released.  That's why I also have a zip file available.  That way, through zip files, you can get every song, as well as the awesome CD artwork that William Vipond Tait creates.

I: So...2017 is approaching.  Would you care to share any details about what we can expect from Remixers United Productions?

D: Sure!  Of course, we'll continue our "LUV" series in February, as well as an "I'm Breathless" tribute album.  Instead of a Summer Fever release, we'll have a new series called "Divas United" with remixes of other artists, such as Britney, Katie, Kylie, etc.

I: And RU8 will be out Christmas 2017.

D: Yes.  RU8 will be out in time for the holiday next year.  Which reminds me: On our 10-year anniversary, the issue of RU10 will be beyond amazing.  Larger than life.  I don't want to give away any details yet, but I promise you, RU10 will be talked about by fans for many years to come.

I: I very much appreciate you taking the time to be interviewed.  The remixes on RU7 are great and everyone should be proud.

D: Thank you, Inco!

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