The end of REMIXERS UNITED (EXCLUSIVE interview with DONNY)

An exclusive interview with Donny, the founder of Remixers United project.

 I:  Hi Donny, thanks for this new interview! 

D:  My pleasure.

I:  Almost 10 years ago you came back into the Madonna scene after a needed break.  Tell me how it was you created Remixers United back then? 

D:  I had made Madonna mixes on and off for years.  My earliest mixes were not great, but as with everything, we all improve over time.  After taking a break from mixing, I found out through Madonna Holiday Share that there was a fan base for me and my Madonna remixes.  So I decided to return to mixing.  I made two compilations (Madonna A to Z, part 1 - and Into The Mood).  This was also the period when I put together "Remixers United" (RU, for short) - 
the idea was to united Madonna remixers from all around the world.  
September 2019 will be the 10 year anniversary of Remixers United Productions (RUP).

I:  And now you have something new to announce.  What is it? 

D:  That after 10 years of producing RU, I am closing it  This coming Christmas will be the final release, Remixers United 10 (RU10).

I:  That must be difficult.  You have created such a legacy.

D:  There have been some alternate suggestions in regards to what to do with RUP.  Someone said leave it up for historical references.  Another suggestion was to have someone else run it.  And it has even been suggested that I merge RUP with another Madonna page.  All of these are great ideas.  Let's just say it will be a surprise until the end of the year arrives.

I:  Why did you decide to shut down RU?

D:  When the release of the first two compilations (Remixers United 1 & 2) was successful, I knew I wanted to make it 10 years or longer.  I definitely had a goal of 10 years.  But as time passed, I found myself having little time to do other projects.  RUP was consuming my free time.  So around year 6, I knew I would stop at year 10 and end it.

I:  What have you learned from this experience at RU? 

D:  Remixing is hard, but producing full compilations on a regular basis is even more difficult.  It requires a team.  And be prepared for drama.  It's part of life.  But if you have passion and dedication, you can succeed.

I:  What did you learn from the remixers? 

D:  That every remixer is different.  Their styles are different and unique.  I try not to be too judgemental.

I:  Speaking of different styles, I understand you revealed a secret recently about your use of alias names when remixing.

D:  Yes, I chose names for different styles of music.  Six different styles and names that were all me.  RetroSonic (Madonna's vocals mashed up to classic pop song instrumentals), DJ Pulse (energetic music), Opus (dubstep), Crackle Pop (pop music), DJ Chillerz (ambient music) and Christian C (beautiful music).  I wasn't intentionally misleading fans.  Just experimentation.

I:  What will you miss most?

D:  The friendships I have made over the years.  I know I will still be in contact with most of the team involved (remixers and production team), but without a central goal, it will feel different.  I will be sad when this ends.  Ten years is a long time to devote to a project.

I:  If this is the last year of RU, what can we expect this year?

D:  From now, through Madonna's birthday, there will be several CD-singles of remixes, and "Best of Remixers United" released in a continuously mixed format (non-stop "beat-mixed").  I have been making a series called "Donny's In & Out Versions" that I will release through Summer as well.  We'll make one more "fan video" for "Rescue Me" - the last one, "Thief of Hearts" was a lot of fun.  Then the fall will be used to prepare for the release of RU10.

I:  Tell us about RU10.  Will it be extra special since it is the final release?

D:  Yes, very special.  Get ready for the largest release of new Madonna mixes in fan history.  My goal: 100 new mixes and edits.  Fans will be talking about this years after it is released.  Any remixer who contributes will be a part of Madonna history.

I:  That will be amazing.  I can't wait!  What can we expect of Donny after this end? 

D:  I will have time to focus on other things.  I have been writing music, and remixing for record companies.  This will free up time to focus on my music career.  And of course, I'll mix Madonna from time to time.  After all, she has a new album and single coming out this year.

I:  What do expect out of Madonna with the new album she will release?

D:  The unique thing about Madonna is she always reinvents herself.  And whatever she does will be different than any other album she's released.  Some will dislike it, others will love it.  Whatever she releases, I'll be ready for it.

I:  Thank you again, Donny, for the interview.

HOLIDAY SHARE 10 - Forget Your Problems (Loving)

Forget Your Problems (Loving) foi um dos primeiros projetos realizados por HOLIDAY SHARE e compartilhado nas comunidades do extinto Orkut. O projeto, dividido em 3 partes foi um grande sucesso e um dos impulsos para que o blog HOLIDAY SHARE nascesse.

 Tempos após a abertura oficial do blog, a postagem foi muito visitada e figura entre alguns dos muitos destaques dessa década.

Comemorando os 10 anos de HOLIDAY SHARE postamos o 1º volume e em breve os demais aparecerão por aqui. Esse volume é romântico, mostrando a Madonna das baladas, confissões, sofrimento e amor.

A coleção já foi encontrada para VENDA em alguns sites, esse material é completamente fan made e NUNCA foi produzido com o intuito de ganhar dinheiro.

HOLIDAY SHARE 10 - Most Wanted DUBTRONIC Remixes

Dubtronic é sinal de qualidade e os fãs de Madonna o amam e o 
desejam como um remixer oficial!

Para a equipe de HOLIDAY SHARE Dubtronic significa amizade, cumplicidade,
 exclusividade e parceria de muitos anos.

Nesses 10 anos de HOLIDAY SHARE vamos revisar os posts mais visitados e pedidos e não poderíamos começar de outra forma a não ser como Dubtronic e seus remixes incríveis.

Dubtronic é parceiro de HOLIDAY SHARE desde o início quando ele próprio começava a despontar como um dos nomes atuais mais amados do mundo madônnico.
 Foram muitos materiais com seu prefixo mas hoje selecionamos os 4 remixes "avulsos" mais comentados, visitados e procurados de Dubtronic, lembrando que a capa de Living For Love (Dubtronic Extended Version) foi postada por Madonna eu sua conta do Instagram,  de onde Madonna achou essa arte? 
O remix foi lançamento exclusivo do HOLIDAY SHARE! Obrigado Madonna por nos visitar!

Juntando as 4 postagens dá mais de 101.000 visitas, downloads já é impossível contar. Mutias pessoas. Pessoas que fizeram do HOLIDAY SHARE um sucesso e um dos poucos sobreviventes na blogsfera.

Obrigado Dubtronic! Obrigado fãs. Parabéns HOLIDAY SHARE!

The In & Out Series: Like A Virgin & Vision Quest

Terceiro volume da série In & Out, contendo as maravilhosas músicas para o grande album Like A Virgin mais as duas faixas produzidas para o filme Vision Quest, imperdível.

The In & Out Series: The First Album

Segundo volume da série In & Out, agora com o maravilhoso primeiro album de Madonna.

The In & Out Series: Pre Madonna

REMIXERS UNITED não para e uma nova coleção estará aparecendo aqui nos próximos dias. In & Out é uma série desenvolvida por Donny e apresentará todas as músicas com intros e endings adicionais produzidos para essa coleção.

O primeiro volume apresenta a era Pre-Madonna ,a era mais punk da rainha do pop.


REMIXERS UNITED retornam com uma super coleção para 2019, a cada mês uma faixa de cada algum será escolhida e lançada em um super single com remixes fantásticos.

A primeira escolhida é a animada Lucky Star, que brilha como estrela nesse super single com 15 faixas. Alguns desses remixes são inéditos no blog e ótimos, como APX Mix, Good Girls Cosmic Club Mix, Dulio Remix e Edom Remix entre outros. 

Os remixers famosos que amamos também estão presentes
Donny, Dubtronic, R*A e Lukesilver

Donny's 2019 Galaxy Mix foi especialmente produzido para esse lançamento

Qual será a próxima música escolhida?