WORLD PREMIÈRE - Hung Up - DUBTRONIC celebrating INCO remix

Hung Up - DUBTRONIC celebrating INCO remix is another exclusive HOLIDAY SHARE & DUBTRONIC production. This remix is so special to me, because the the amazing Dubtronic produced it specially to celebrate my birthday! Now I´m 26! Surely I´m gonna share this remix with you and a edit version too.

Dubtronic: thanks so much for this beautiful gift, it was so touching; I love Hung Up.

The lovely artwork was produced by Beto Barbazul, amazing.

I´m havind some problems with my computer, that´s why I´m not posting everyday.

I love you friends,


TEASER - Hung Up DUBTRONIC celebrating INCO remix

A parte interna do CD, várias para sua escolha!
O remix? Ainda hoje!
A arte maravilhosa é de Beto Barbazul.

TODAY! Hung Up - DUBTRONIC celebrating INCO remix


THIS WEEK! get ready!

COMING SOON: Hung Up - DUBTRONIC celebrating INCO remix

My dear friend DUBTRONIC produced a special remix to celebrate my birthday!

The link will be release soon, take a look

I´ll Be Back Soon

Hi dear friends, I´m here just to say that I´m facing some problems here but I´ll be back soon.
And of course Dubtronic will be back too, we´re gonna release another
HOLIDAY SHARE & DUBTRONIC production: get ready to ...
I love you friends

It´s So Cool - Dubtronic Extended Version

It´s So Cool é definitivamente a melhor música da nova coletânea de Madonna, Celebration. A ótima versão original e a fantástica Dubtronic Extended Version estão imperdíveis.

It´s So Cool
It´s So Sool Dubtronic Extended Version

Videos Who´s That Girl & Vogue

Mais dois videos diretamente do DVD Celebration: Who´s That Girl e Vogue.

Who´s That Girl

thanks: macv

Celebration (Berkab Get This Started Mix)

Remix de Berkab.

Mais de 30 remixes (Celebration, It´s So Cool, Frozen ...)

Diversos remixes, e bom final de semana.

Link I

Link II

thanks : badgirl69

Videos True Blue, Live To Tell e Crazy For You

True Blue

thanks: DJ Jean

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