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Remixers United 4 (4 CDs) + Exclusive Interview with Donny

O projeto Remixers United ganha proporções cada vez maiores e 
chegamos neste Halloween ao 4º ano do projeto e 
ao lançamento de Remixers United 4
divididos em 4 CDs com mais de 44 remixes inéditos.
 Preparados para tanta música boa?

A proposta para esse volume foi dupla: 
RU precisava de mais remixers e de remixes para faixas que não eram muito remixadas. 
O resultado é incrível e o time ganhou muitos nomes 
de peso e inclusive Remixers United 4 marca 
o retorno de nossa querida e Brasileira Cléo Nasser com 3 poderosos remixes.

Toda a linha cronológica de Madonna foi usada pelos remixers, 
de Lucky Star a Love Spent
passando por faixas que raramente ganham remixes como Angel,
 Who´s That Girl, Love Song, Bad Girl
Let Down Your Guard, Easy Ride e Infinity
Hits como Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer, Hung Up, Sorry 
entre outros também estão presentes.

Dentre tantos remixers estão Donny, Lukesavant, Dubtronic
New Puzzle, Cleo, Retrosonic entre outros produtores de qualidade. 

Logo após os links o pai do projeto, meu amigo Donny; dá todos os detalhes desse lançamento em mais uma entrevista exclusiva de HOLIDAY SHARE.

O link abaixo traz todos os 4 CDs para download.

A arte é de William e a arte completa você encontra no link abaixo.

Parabéns Remixers United, esse é mais um lançamento fantástico. 
Agora com vocês Donny, o produtor executivo do projeto.

Remixers United 4 – Interview with Donny

Donny, the executive producer of Remixers United Productions, has been releasing compilations of new Madonna mixes for 4 years now.  He gathers the best fan remixers from around the world, and against a deadline, the team comes together to release fantastic mixes.  Each year, I interview him to find out about the journey to get there.

Inco: Thanks for another interview.

Donny: It's my pleasure.

I: You're at issue number four.  Does it surprise you that you've made it this far?

D:  I've always known I would make it to issue four.  That doesn't surprise me.  What surprised me was all the talented individuals that got involved.  That is simply amazing.  I mean, when I started four years ago, it was very small.  Just a handful of remixers and mixes.  Then, with each compilation, it grew.  Issue two had 20 songs fit on two CDs.  Issue three had 30 songs on three CDs.  So I wondered if I could actually make a four CD set for issue #4.

I:  Tell me how you approached Remixers United 4 (RU4).

D:  I knew only one thing going into it: mastering of tracks.  You see, for every issue prior to RU4, the mixes were great – but there was always a constant complaint: sound quality.  Some songs were mixed by the remixer with superier sound, while others were not in comparison.  So I knew I wanted to take all the mixes when completed and then personally pay a company to master them.  To make the sound quality (the fidelity) to be the best it could be and, most importantly, to match all the others.

I:  So the mixes released are remastered?

D:  No.  Unfortunately, the release date approached too quickly.  So they are released NOT mastered.  The tracks have not been returned to me from the company that is mastering them.  However, when they arrive, I will re-release RU4 as a special “Remastered Edition”.  It should happen sometime before Chirstmas (the original release date for RU4).

I:  I can't wait to hear the remastered version!

D:  Yes.  It should be great.  It's time consuming for that company.  They have 44 songs to master, one at a time.  In fact, in order to master the tracks, I had to ask the remixers to finish their mixes much quicker than I had originally told them.

I:  I don't understand.  Why?

D:  When we got the variety of remixers on board, we set a specific guideline to finish the mixes.  I believe it was sometime in November.  This gave the remixers plenty of time to focus on their mixes and everyday needs.  However, the mastering company told me that, in order to master 44 tracks by Christmas, all the tracks needed to be submitted to them by October 1.  This made it very difficult for some – and I felt really bad about it.  But the new deadline was set by the mastering company, so there was nothing I could do about it except apologize.

I:  How many remixers did you end up having?

D:  Including myself, and my two producers Dubtronic and Lukesavant, we ended up with 14 remixers.

I:  Was it difficult to gather them?

D:  I brought Lukesavant on board as a marketer.  That is a skill that is equal to his mixing abilities.  He's very talented.  He created a facebook page for Remixers United to help market it.  In fact, he added Madonna's name to the facebook page because her name draws in many more “likes” than just the RU name alone.  That was a smart move.  Once we established the facebook page, he marketed the  RU4 compilation.  First, he announced that RU would hold auditions.  Hopefully this strategy would bring us some mixers we've never featured before at RU.

I:  Several previous remixers came back for RU4.

D:  Yes, and I am very grateful.  Besides myself, the remixers that returned were Dubtronic, Lukesavant, New Puzzle and Maxim Andreev.  They are so great, and I thank them very much for their hard work and loyalty to RU.

I:  So only 5 returned out of 14 contributers.

D:  Yes, we could have had more, but you must understand – mixing takes a lot of time – and several of the previous contributors were very busy.  Perhaps we'll see them on future issues.  There are plenty of fan favorites.

I:  And now, fans can find some new favorites.

D:  I was so thrilled to receive interest from MANY talented people.  And yes, RU4 features 9 remixers that never appeared on a past RU compilation.  Some barely have got their start, and I'm glad they are with us.  Each remixer has their own style, making this compilation very unique.  DJ Cloak N Dagger, RetroSonic, DJ D'Luxe, Cleo, DJ Skiddle, Joel Dickinson, Nick Antropov, Klimis Ioannidis, and Byron St. John.  If memory serves me correct, Byron was the first new one to join us.  Or at least his mix of Get Together was.  I was floored by it.  I'm so happy to have him join us.  In fact, I'm extremely proud of all the mixers.  We have some very seasoned mixers, such a Cleo, that joined us.  And I've been following Joel Dickinson for who knows how long!  I look forward to having more mixes from these people in the future.

I:  Fantastic!  Wasn't there an announcement about Bit Error joining?

D:  Yes, this was, of course, prior to moving the release date up from Christmas to Halloween.  Unfortunately, the new release date didn't provide him, as well as a couple others, the chance to finish a mix.  Hopefully we'll see those remixers in the future.

I:  Why did the release date change from Christmas to Halloween?

D:  At some point, we (the producing team) decided to push the date up – that's basically what happened.  And in the end, regardless of the details, it was a good thing to release it earlier.  Then everyone gets to hear the mixes.  And by Christmas, we'll have the mastered versions to listen to!  It's a win/win situation.

I:  The RU4 compilation features not only great mixes, but beautiful artwork.  I see William made your covers.

D:  Yes, he has been with us for 4 years now.  He's helped create the look of RU – and I am so grateful!  William – if you're reading this – you are the best!  Love ya!

I:  In his artwork for RU4, there's a message from you.  In the notes, you mention that Dubtronic and Lukesavant are stepping down as producers.

D:  Yes, for two releases, we were a joint production team.  They're both very good at producing.  We shared our thoughts about the entire process to make the best compilation possible.  But it was time to take a break.  We're all still great friends.  I'm just going to try to operate RU on my own, as I had with the first two compilations.  They both are still remixing, and probably will for years to come.  Lukesavant has started his own website, very similar to RU.  I wish him luck.  In fact, I'd like to thank him and Dubtronic once again for their longtime collaboration and efforts with RU.  You guys rock!

I:  Some fans are confused as to which website to go.  There are so many websites and facebook pages.  And, as I understand it, you are not involved in the facebook page we've been going to for a year and a half now.

D:  If I could do anything differently, I would have.  I apologize to any friends, fans, remixers, or others – who are confused by the new websites and facebook pages.  I would just like to clarify: our official webpage for RU is www.remixersunited.com.  You can go to this page for future releases.  As far as facebook go, the facebook page we've used up to this release will be kept as a historical reference – keeping a record of the era between RU3 and RU4.  However, the NEW facebook page for Remixers United is www.facebook.com/RemixersUnitedProductions.  It's going to be a journey to build up a fan base there again, so I'd like each of you to go to the new RU facebook page and “like” us.  Tell your friends!

I:  What's the future like for RU?

D:  We'll continue to release CD singles, best of remixers compilations, and before you know it – RU5 will be announced and released.  I haven't disappointed the fans so far.  There's a lot to look forward to.  I hope to find more and more FUTURE LOVERS of Remixers United.

I:  Thanks for the interview, Donny.

D:  Anytime.  :)

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HOLIDAY SHARE Little Setmix by DJ Reginna - Out/13

HOLIDAY SHARE Little Setmix by DJ Reginna 
chega ao seu 10º lançamento, 
mas uma setmix muito bem produzido por DJ Reginna.

Celebration, Sorry, American Pie e outros hits estão presentes nessa edição.

Reginna obrigado por mais um lançamento de sucesso.

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Celebrative Post: Bedtime Stories (19 Years)

Hoje o meu querido album Bedtime Stories completa 19 anos de sucesso,
 nunca Madonna foi tão clean e relaxada. 
Madonna demonstrou nesse album o quanto é talentosa, 
pisando em ritmos diferentes e com vocais mais maduros.

Bedtime Stories é um album adulto, discreto e completamente delicioso. 
HOLIDAY SHARE comemora esse aniversário relançando 
alguns dos lançamentos sobre essa era.
Se você é um saudosista dessa era, vai amar. 
Bedtime Stories e a Madonna desse período deixaram saudades.

Sweet Dreams foi a minha versão remixada de Bedtime Stories
 reunindo grandes remixes para todas as faixas do album.

O épico single/video de Bedtime Story também ganhou 
uma versão IMP com 7 super remixes para a faixa, 
o grande destaque em minha opinião é o ótimo remix do Lukesavant.

Nosso querido e sumido DJ Barbous arrasou com 
3 ótimos remixes produzidos para a maravilhosa Secret.

Prenunciando o então retorno do grande Donny
pouco a pouco HOLIDAY SHARE foi lançando alguns 
remixes exclusivos entre eles essa maravilhosa versão para Secret.

Dubtronic produziu diversos remixes para essa 
era mas o grande destaque é o remix para a linda balada Take A Bow.

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Celebrative Post: Oh Father (24 Years) (35 Versions)

Vinte e quatro anos atrás era lançado o
 4º single do album Like A Prayer, Oh Father.

Na balada Madonna desabafa e expõe fantasmas do passado
: a morte de sua mãe e sua dura relação com o pai. 
Oh Father foi um estrondoso sucesso e é 
dona de uma dos mais belos videos da história.

Para celebrar que tal mais de 30 versões dessa música?
 HOLIDAY SHARE compartilha com vocês no link logo abaixo.

Um abraço para os gaúchos sempre simpáticos.

Cover: Oscar Marquez

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Die Another Day (Orchestral Versions)

Comemorando os 11 anos de Die Another Day
a música mais eletrônica do conservador James Bond; 
que tal 3 lindas versões Orchestral para esse hit?

As 3 Inco Orchestral Version foram produzidas a quase dois anos atrás usando versões orquestrais de Die Another Day que encontrei na net.

Comentários são bem vindos e esperados.

A arte muito linda foi feita pelo talentoso Harry Fernandez.

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Confessions Tour (Live From Paris - 27 Aug 2006)

Anos atrás Madonna fazia o mundo tremer com 
suas confissões em Confessions Tour
hits antigos eram mesclados com novas músicas
 do seu então mais recente album Confessions On A Dancefloor 
como Hung Up, Sorry, Get Together e mais sete faixas do album.

A turnê viajou pelo mundo e agora o site Madonnalex nos apresenta 
com uma arte belíssima o registro do show em Paris. 
Item de colecionador.

Merci: Madonnalex

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Remixers United Presents: Madonna By Lukesavant

Remixers United apresenta mais uma coletânea e o 
remixer escolhido do mês é Lukesavant.
Esse nome é ultraconhecido no mundo madônnico e seus remixes sempre dão um show de qualidade.

HOLIDAY SHARE lançou com exclusividade as duas coletâneas de remixes inéditos chamada Retrofit anos atrás e diversos remixes inéditos. Lukesavant também concedeu um entrevista inédita para nosso blog, relembre AQUI.

Nessa nova coletânea 15 remixes são apresentados, inclusive remixes para grandes hits como Get Together, Rain, Celebration e Ray Of Light. O meu remix preferido desse album é o remix produzido para Rain, sem dúvida um dos melhores já produzidos. 

Thanks: Remixers United

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Remixers United: Turn Up The Radio

Remixers United lançam mais um single dedicado ao album MDNA
Turn Up The Radio é a faixa escolhida.

Entre remixes já conhecidos e alguns inéditos o single contêm 14 remixes do 3º single de MDNA que em minha opinião deveria ter sido lançado como 1º single.

Em Dezembro o projeto lança uma nova coletânea apenas com remixes inéditos.

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Holiday Share Little Set By DJ Reginna / Set2013

Setembro passou e não tive tempo algum para estar no blog, 
vocês sentiram saudades?

Para comemorar Setembro e também meu aniversário (ontem) 
aqui está o setmix exclusivo da DJ Reginna.

Como de costume Reginna arrasou e escolheu remixes ótimos
 em um setmix empolgante, você irá ouvir Music, Hollywood, Superstar, Broken e outras!
Para conferir essa super setmix clique abaixo.

Agradeço também a todos que lembraram de meu aniversário, 
muito obrigado por sua amizade.

Agradecimentos: DJ Reginna