Xmas Pack 2016

Feliz Natal para todos os meus leitores nesses mais de 10 anos de HOLIDAY SHARE.
Desejo que todos tenham um lindo dia.

O Xmas Pack 2016 traz 21 remixes para o seu Natal, Feliz Natal :)

Frozen (Donnys Carol Of The Christmas Bells Mix)
Give Peace A Chance (Live at Confessions Tour in Moscow)
Happy New Year Chrismas Message
Holiday (Christmas Bells Mix)
Into The Groove (Madonna VS Wham! - Into Last Christmas Groove by Dj Giac )
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (Dubtronic Extended Version)
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (Orchestral Demo)
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
Lo Que Siente La Mujer (Dj Rive Rokers Xmas Xpress Mix Spanish Version)
Merry Christma 2016
Music (Madonna-Addiction 2006 Xmas Mix)
Ray Of Light (Madonna-Addiction Xmas Bells Mix)
Ray Of Light (Marcos Aba Shanti Happy Xmas Mix)
Santa Baby (Birds 2006 Mix)
Santa Baby (Dikkie's Drunken Haze Christmas Mix 2001)
Santa Baby (DJ Danny Shaffer Holiday Mix)
Santa Baby (Donnys Elf Mix)
Santa Baby (Instrumental)
Santa Baby (Lukes X-Mas Bells Version)
Sky Fits Heaven (PS22 Children Choir)
Take a Bow (Dikkies X-Mas United Mix)
What Is Christmas For A Girl
Wowliday (Kosmmik Xmas Mix) feat Kylie Minogue

REMIXERS UNITED 7 + Exclusive Interview with DONNY

O Natal chegou antecipado em 2016,
 o projeto REMIXERS UNITED lança seu 7º volume de remixes inéditos.
São 29 remixes inéditos e dois megamixes especiais.

Neste 7º volume contêm remixes incríveis como a parceria entre
Dubtronic e Marco Sartori em Take A Bow (Sartori & Dubtronic Remix).

Patrick Samuel volta com tudo com 3 remixes maravilhosos,
Celebration, It's So Cool e Holiday.

O cabeça do projeto Donny, apresenta duas produções,
 um remix para Score (faixa que ficou de fora de Rebel Heart) e o megamix Rebel Hits 2.

Muitos outros nomes famosos no mundo madônnico e
 muitos outros hits também estão presentes em RU7.

Um final de semana com muita música :)

O link abaixo leva vocês até a página oficial do projeto no facebook,
 lá você encontrará o link para baixar RU7, lembrando que a senha para
descompactar é remixersunited.

Além desse lançamento fantástico, confira a entrevista exclusiva com Donny, que conta tudo sobre RU7 e sobre projetos futuros.

Executive Producer Donny O'Bryan

INCO: Thank you for the interview, Donny

DONNY: It is no problem at all.  My pleasure.

I: Seven years.  This must be very exciting for you.

D: Yes, where has the time gone?  So many releases!

I: I agree.  This year had a lot of releases and great remixes.

D: And new discoveries. I was thrilled to discover the remixer named Marco Sartori.  He is extremely talented.

I: His compilation "Madonna by Marco Sartori" was amazing.

D: I know!  This March, RU will be releasing a second volume of his work.  Great stuff!

I: Tell me about the process of putting together RU7.

D: This one was a little more difficult to do because of several factors.  First, I was working two jobs, as well as started a new relationship.  This left me with very little time to contact remixers and make many remixes.  I didn't get started until a couple months back.

I: That was quick to put together!

D: I know.  And the remixers were so generous to provide something on such short notice.  I am so grateful for them.

I: I'm happy to see some of my favorites, such as Patrick Samuel and Deep Factory!

D: Yes, such great talents came through for me.  Earthonika returned for a unique version of Ray of Light.  He seems to be a fan favorite.

I: I noticed you promoted with several video clips.  This was different and unique.

D: In the previous years, I promoted the compilations with audio clips on soundcloud.  But this year, I decided to try something new.  I like the idea of taking each remixer and making a video promotion, one track per remixer.  It was a nice change.

I: Such a good idea.

D: One day, perhaps in 2017, I'd like to release a video compilation instead of an mp3 album.  It's possible!

I: But you'll still continue songs in audio format - and placed on soundcloud, correct?

D: Oh yes, although I must admit: I'm not happy with soundcloud because they won't allow all of the tracks when a compilation is released.  That's why I also have a zip file available.  That way, through zip files, you can get every song, as well as the awesome CD artwork that William Vipond Tait creates.

I: So...2017 is approaching.  Would you care to share any details about what we can expect from Remixers United Productions?

D: Sure!  Of course, we'll continue our "LUV" series in February, as well as an "I'm Breathless" tribute album.  Instead of a Summer Fever release, we'll have a new series called "Divas United" with remixes of other artists, such as Britney, Katie, Kylie, etc.

I: And RU8 will be out Christmas 2017.

D: Yes.  RU8 will be out in time for the holiday next year.  Which reminds me: On our 10-year anniversary, the issue of RU10 will be beyond amazing.  Larger than life.  I don't want to give away any details yet, but I promise you, RU10 will be talked about by fans for many years to come.

I: I very much appreciate you taking the time to be interviewed.  The remixes on RU7 are great and everyone should be proud.

D: Thank you, Inco!

Mad Pack 43

Depois de um mês de férias maravilhosas que tal um MAD PACK para agitar as coisas?
Madonna foi eleita a mulher do ano, fez um show maravilhoso
 para a candidatura de Hilary, voltou vestida de palhaça em seu
 intimate show Tears Of A Clown, final de ano agitado
 para a rainha do pop e para todos os fãs.

MAD PACK 43 apresenta 15 faixas incríveis, contendo remixes,
 a ótima cover de All Saints para Like A Prayer e
 o show completo feito na ruas de Paris.

Um MAD PACK bem recheado.
 O link estará disponível por 30 dias no zippyshare.

4 Minutes (Pettibone's Back 1992 Remix)
Between The Bars [Live Version 2]
Borderline (U.S. Remix Edit) 
Deeper And Deeper (Momo-s Fantasy)
Ghosttown (Rebel Heart Tour Cosmonauta Version Studio Mix)
If you Forget Me (Idaho's Kamlesh Legend V2)
Into The Groove (Love to Infinity Burnin' Club Mix)
La Petite Jeune Fille (Idaho Synth Riff Mix)
Like A Prayer (All Saints Cover Version)
Love Makes The World Go Round (Extended Version)
Madonna sings on the streets of Paris
Physical Attraction (Instrumental No Backing Vocals)
Rescue Me (Titanic Remix) By Alex's Mastermix
The look of love (Donny's Glance remix)
Words (DirtyHands Extended Version)

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