Get ready, REMIXERS UNITED is about to be release. Now you have all the details in this exclusive interview with Donny.

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INCO: Thank you, Donny, for agreeing to another interview.

DONNY: Sure!  I am always happy to chat.

INCO: This is the 3rd compilation for Remixers United.  The first one was about 2 years ago.

DONNY: Yes, I like the idea of doing this type of thing once a year.

INCO:  How has it changed since the first issue?

DONNY:  It's become bigger.  Much bigger than I expected.  The first issue had a small handful of remixers and a small amount of songs.  Off the top of my head, I think 10.  Then the 2nd issue had 20 songs, and we needed to switch it to 2 CDs instead of one.  And now we're on number three.  30 songs, 3 CDs!  At this rate, it feels like issue number 4 would have 40 songs and 40 CDs!

INCO:  That would be great!

DONNY:  Don't even think about it!  Working with an excessive amount of songs can be challenging!  But we got through it, and I believe this is an amazing production.

INCO:  Yes, 30 songs is a lot.  You should be proud of this.

DONNY:  I am.  We all are.  I don't believe there has ever been a Madonna project produced this big.  A lot of pride, yes.

INCO: How did you know when was the right time to start up the project again?

DONNY: I always knew I wanted to do Remixers United 3 (RU3) around this time of the year, but I put it on the back burner.  I just wasn't feeling the motivation.  And then one day a few months ago, one of the remixers, Channing Luke-Savant, said, "Hey, Donny.  Are you going to do RU3?"  I thank him so much for that nudge, because I probably would still be postponing the project to this day had he not brought it up in conversation.

INCO: Yes, I see Lukesavant helped you on RU3 this time.  What was his involvement?

DONNY: I always looked at myself as an executive producer, but I knew that there was more to releasing RU3 than just getting the remixers and songs.  There was a marketing issue.  Facebook, twitter, blogs.  I am not very computer savvy and Lukesavant offered to be my promoter.  I wish I could pay him - I am so grateful for his help.  In fact, I wish I could pay all the remixers who helped out on RU3 as well.  Everyone worked so hard on what they did.

INCO: Thank you for letting me contribute to this compilation, Donny.

DONNY: My pleasure.  You have been a contributor on all the previous issues.  It seemed only appropriate to have you on RU3.  And your mix is pretty good.  You've grown.  I think we all have.

INCO: Was it difficult to get remixers this time?

DONNY: I thought it would be harder this time since I made the announcement very late and with a short window for someone to contribute.  But the remixers came pouring in.  A few I had to turn down, and that is always a difficult thing to do.  You never want to crush someone's dreams.  But for whatever reason, a few were not included, and I hope they offer something in the future.

INCO: Once you had all the remixers, what was the process like for song choices?

DONNY: I have always had one rule: don't remix a song that has been selected already by another person.  And overall people were understanding of that rule.  There was a period, very early on, when I thought there were too many songs from the MDNA album, and I panicked.  But in the end, there was enough MDNA songs to make a full CD (number 3).  I was happy.

INCO: I noticed the "final" track list changed more than once.  What happened?

DONNY: Well, there are always problems on any project.  RU3 was no exception.  There was communication and language barriers.  Some remixers are from the other side of the world, speaking a different language than me.  We are a very eclectic group of remixers, many different styles.  But regarding your question: for whatever reasons, some tracks were deleted from the playlist after it was announced.  I dealt with those issues, re-arranged the track list and moved on.

INCO: I see most of the previous remixers returned for RU3.

DONNY: Yes, most of them.  Because of the rush, I did not get the opportunity to personally invite some to the project, and I promise not to make that mistake in the future.

INCO: You have a unique style to your mixes.  Are there any other remixers (and their remixing styles) that you enjoy?

DONNY: Oh yes, I couldn't pick just one.  I've always loved the new music that Lukesavant provides on his mixes.  And Dubtronic!  Dub has always been there for me.  He's practically my best friend in this business.  His style of mixes floors me and makes me jealous.  I wish I was half the remixer he is.  --But yes, so many styles on this compilation only make it more exciting.

INCO: What's next for Remixers United?  Perhaps a 4th compilation?

DONNY: Oh sure there will be a 4th one.  In 2014.  And trust me, it will not be 4 CDs.  In fact, it will most likely be a single CD.  But I have exciting news about Remixers United.  The official website will be opening up in March, promoting upcoming albums for 2013.  We will be putting together a Remixers United tribute to the 30th anniversary of Madonna's first album - all new mixes of those early songs.

INCO: That will be exciting!

DONNY: But wait - there is more!  We are also doing something totally unique: we are compiling a track list of fans singing Madonna's songs.  It will be called "Remixers United presents: Voices - Singers United."  Even I will be singing (Nothing Fails).

INCO:  I will be happy to promote your website and future projects.

DONNY:  Thank you, Inco.  You've always been a great supporter.

INCO: Thank you, Donny, for this interview.

DONNY:  Your welcome!

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