Remixers United: THE 1ST ALBUM TRIBUTE + EXCLUSIVE Interview with DONNY

Para o projeto Remixers United a comemoração aos 30 anos do The First Album começaram nesta Sexta com o super lançamento do album duplo Remixers United: The 1st Album. Esse tributo ao primeiro album de Madonna conta com 6 nomes conhecidos no mundo madônnico que produziram remixes para essa músicas lançadas 30 anos atrás!

O projeto começa com um novo integrante, RCB com o ótimo Madonna RCB 30 Years Megamix, não tinha melhor maneira de começar essa grande festa revisando o trabalho promissor que Madonna fez em seu primeiro album. Seja bem vindo ao time Rodrigo.

Lukesavant aparece em 5 novos remixes incluindo remixes para Holiday (um mash up com Daft Punk incluindo samples de Celebration), Everybody, Lucky Star, Physical Attraction e Think Of Me, todos muito bons.

Donny, o criador do projeto RU  apresenta 6 remixes sendo os remixes para I Know It (super moderno e dance), Think Of Me, Holiday, Lucky Star (incrível, tendo sua base lounge), Borderline e Burning Up.

Dubtronic, colaborador desde o primeiro projeto lança a inédita e ótima Burning Up (Dubtronic Reconstruction 2013), além desse remix inédito o projeto incluiu remixes já lançados para Borderline, I Know It e Everybody.

Lukes participa em sua segunda incursão ao RU com dois remixes inéditos e ótimos para Lucky Star e Phisycal Attraction. 

New Puzzle está rpesente com dois remixes já lançados anteriormente: Holiday e Everybody, incríveis. 

Mais um lançamento do projeto Remixers united de sucesso. 
Todos os detalhes desse tributo aos 30 anos de The First Album você lê na entrevista exclusiva que tive com Donny logo abaixo. Aguardem novidades.

Lindo final de semana para todos e até o próximo mês que será azulzinho.

Se você deseja todos os arquivos clique HERE / AQUI
Faixas separadas visite o site do Remixers United.


INCO: Tell me, Donny.  How did this project begin?

DONNY: During the production period of Remixers United 3, I realized that this was the anniversary year for Madonna's first album.  Thirty years.  I said, wouldn't it be great to do a Remixers United compilation with only songs from that album? Consider it a tribute to it?

INCO: Yes, I noticed this tribute album was right on the heels of RU3.

DONNY: Definitely.  Not much breathing room.  In fact, it was during this time that many ideas started coming to me - regarding where I wanted to go with the Remixers United production company.  I wanted it to grow.  To be famous.  Like Madonna said, "I wanted to be famous.  I wanted to be a star.  I worked really hard and my dream came true."  So I had goals and motivation.  And it would never have happened if it weren't for Lukesavant.

INCO: How so?

DONNY:  RU2 was exhausting.  Two CDs!  I wanted a long wait before tackling anything with Remixers United again.  Figured when the inspiration hit me, I would try again, even if it took years.  Then Channing (Luke-Savant) contacted me out of the blue and expressed interest in RU3.  I had forgotten about Remixers United.  RU2 was difficult for one man, and Lukesavant assured me that, with his help, he could help re-start RU.

INCO: He's become a great supporter of you and the production company.

DONNY: He's literally my support system.  When something goes wrong and I wanna scream, he lets me whine (via text).  When I'm at a loss and don't know what to do regarding a project, he seems to always have the answers or great suggestions.  When something is working but not at its best, he seems to be right on - even before I had the chance to blink.  I am so grateful to have him on my creative executive team.

INCO:  So now RU has grown into a team?

DONNY:  Oh yes.  I am the founder and executive producer of a great idea to united the best Madonna mixers around the world.  Lukesavant is the company's producer.  I trust his decisions.  And William has agreed to be the official graphic art designer for RU.

INCO:  And Dubtronic... how does he fit in with RU?

DONNY:  Dub and I go back a long time now.  He is my best friend in the business.  I consider him the producer of RU (same level as Lukesavant) although I haven't had a chance to discuss this with him yet since the project has kept me busy for a while now.  If all goes well, he will be listed on all future releases as producer, along with Lukesavant.

INCO: He contributed only one track this time.  This is unusual, compared to previous compilations.

DONNY:  True.  His "Burning Up" remix is awesome!  But unfortunately, when asked to contribute new songs, he informed me that he was too busy at the moment.  I'm sure he'll remix more in the future at a pace that is comfortable for him.

INCO: Luke returned for this compilation, I see.

DONNY:  Yes, I asked several remixers from older issues to contribute.  Unfortunately, because the announcement was so rushed, I didn't get to invite everyone personally.  It's a shame it didn't work out this time around to have an Inco mix.

INCO:  Maybe in the near future.

DONNY:  Perhaps!

INCO:  And you have a new remixer on board.  His name is Rodrigo.

DONNY:  RCB was the only person who (on short notice) asked to join the project.  I listened to his medleys he made and knew right off the bat that he should be included.  He surprised me by offering something that RU has never promoted before: a megamix. 

INCO:  I noticed that.

DONNY:  As a rule, I tend to avoid medleys in RU compilations because all the tracks are identified by a singular song name.  This doesn't work for megamixes because it comprises many song names.  So I just denied it.  However, I knew I had to make an exception with this young man.

INCO:  That reminds me.  I seem to recall you had a medley included on the compilation.  But now that it's released, I see that it is not present.  How come?

DONNY:  Forty-eight hours before release date/time, the medley was not finished.  I wanted it to be perfect, and not rushed.  The faster I worked to make it complete, the more errors I made.  Eventually, I just gave up and removed it from the track listing.  One day, I'll take my time and finish it.

INCO:  I can't wait to hear it.  So, I have to ask this: Now that RU is showing signs of growing, what can we expect in the future?

DONNY:  Maxi-singles each month, starting with "Give Me All Your Luvin'" in June.  Each Christmas, we'll release another RU project, like RU5 in 2013, RU6 in 2014, and so on.  Once a year, we'll release an album anniversary tribute, full of new mixes.  And of course, make the website better.  I wish I knew how to make websites look good.  Attention shoppers!  If anyone wants to join my team as web designer, contact me! LOL.  No.  Seriously. :)  And this is just the beginning.  With an excutive team, there are so many more ideas we've floated around.  You'll just have to wait and see what happens.

INCO: The album is out now.  The tracks sound great.  I want to thank you for the interview once again, Donny.

DONNY:  Anytime, Inco.  My pleasure.

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