segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015

LFL Dubtronic Extended is mentioned by M in her Instagram

O susto, alegria e agitação foi completa para a equipe 
do HOLIDAY SHARE e DUBTRONIC quando soubemos que Madonna ouviu,
comentou e postou a capa do Living For Love (Dubtronic Extended Version) em 
seu Instragram, o remix foi lançado com exclusividade 
por HOLIDAY SHARE na semana passada. 

Parece que Madonna e sua equipe estão pesquisando o trabalho dos fãs!

Resolvi compartilhar com vocês uma conversa que tive com Dubtronic.

How did you hear that Madonna commented your remix?

Someone wrote me on a forum …...

- What were you doing in this moment?

Actually I was remixing Vogue…

- What was your first thought?

OMG, can’t be true. I was in shock. I thought that perhaps she only liked the cover but never heard the mix. Then I was not sure about the quote ! "I can forgive but I will never forget „: Does she trying to tell me something ? Cause I used some of the demo vocals , perhaps she does not like it ????  Or is she just reposting lyrics ?

- What are people talking about it with you?

Well, lots of congratulations, that I can be proud of myself, that the mix should be released officially …..

- Did the Madonna team get in touch with you?

Not yet….

- What´s the plans now? Madonna listened to your remix, 
this was our dream; what are you gonna do?

It is a dream. I really don’t know what to do. Best is to keep on remixing ! 

Congratulation Dubtronic!

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