Exclusive Interview with R*A


Where do you live?
Currently, I Live in Beirut, Leanon. In the Middle east for all of your geographically challenged folks!

How old are you? 
I´m 33.

What do you do for life?
I own my own design house.

Who is your "lucky star"?
My brother.

Why R*A?
They are my initials, and he was the god of the sun!

R*A in one word?
Creative mind...

And why Madonna?
Creative tour de force.

When did you star listening to Madonna?
From the get go. I remember singing along to Material Girl with my cousin.

What is Madonna´s influence in your life?
She is always one step ahead of the game, something I try to do in my line of work. I also don´t limit myself to only designing, hence the remixing, paiting, writing, photography ... and so on! I don´t believe I am meant to do one thing only, I get bored easily, and need to keep going on to something new.

What Madonna era do you prefer?
The Confessions era.

Tell us what´s the best Madonna:
Album: Confessions On A Dancefloor
Video: This one is tough ... I have a few too many. Frozen and Nothing Really Matters come to mind, but I also love the I Want You video. Human Nature, Girl Gone Wild, Bedtime Story ...
Movie: Umm, A League Of Their Own! Aside from the documentaris. Obviously Truth Or Dare and I´m Going To Tell You A Secret.
Tour: Confessions Tour.
Official remix: Anything Stuart Price has touched!

Tell us the worst thing too.
The Dick Tacy era ... aside from Vogue.

What Madonna song you can say "it´s me"? Explain please.
Nobody Knows Me ... ´cause nobody does!

What did you think about MDNA? What would you do differently?
I honestly think it´s a brilliant album. The official tracks are anyway, the bsides are meh ... it´s not my vision, it´s hers, so I don´t think I am in a position to change anything about it.

What is the best and the worst MDNA song?
I´m Addicted - Best Friend

Besides Madonna, what singers/groups do you listen to?
Too many to name!!! Goldfrapp, Royksopp, Calvin Harris, Florence and The achines, Muse, Placebo ... only to name a few.

Madonna in one word.

When did you star remixing?
I´ve been remixing privately for over 10 years now.

Do you remix other singers? 
Yep. I´ve remixed Goldfrapp, Royksopp, Gwen Stefani, Zoot Woman, Tori Amos, Bjork, Britney Spears, Destiny´s Child ... and I write my own music.

What was your first remix? How did you feel when you released it?
Euh, I think it was Secret. I felt good I loved it at the time. I was actually looking for it the other day, and I can´t find it on my system!!

Is there any released remix that you think it wasn´t goos enough to release? Which one would you re-produce?
Of mine? SO MANY! LOL!!

What Madonna song you wouldn´t want to remix (in other words, what song you hate)?
More! Anything from that era! Ikh

What was the most hard remix to produce?
Give It 2 Me. Because my remixes are unofficial, if I don´t have a clean acapella, it all become challenging.

There are a lot of famous Madonna remixers, hwo do you feel remixing Madonna?
I don´t really like the word remix. I try to re-interpret. Sometimes it ends up sounding remixes, sometimes it doesn´t. I prefer re interpreting, hearing a song from a different angle.

Have you ever thought about producing a remix with another Madonna remixers?
No, not really ... never accurred to me. I´m not even sure how that would work.

R*A best / worst remix?
Well I currently love my Get Together and Into The Groove remixes. ´Cause I am not bored ot them yet. Worst, ummm, I don´t like any of my old remixes.

What pattern do you use to remix a song? What do you have in mind when you choose a song to remix?
Nothing in particular. I mean, for instance, I have the acapella of voices, but I can´t seem to put a tune to it that I like. I usually hum things, and then lay them down.When it clicks it clicks and it all comes together. My latest toy is vocoding!!  know I am a bit late on the band wagon, but I just discovered it!

Who and what are your influences?
Stuart Price, Mirwais, Calvin Harris, Depeche Mode.

We missed you so much, when and why did you decide to come back to Madonna´s world? 
I never really went away! I have been very busy with work, and I just took a step back from writing music or remixing. I actually didn´t realize I had a following!! Lol it´s all news to me.

How does it feelto be one of the most well known Madonna remixers?
I wouldn´t know! I actually had no idea I was one!

What do you think is the best thing in Madonna´s fans? And what´s the worst thing?
There dedication and adoration of Madonna, and their honesty! And the worst thing is their complaining! The woman is 53, we should appreciate the fact that she is still around.

Tell us about your upcoming project.
I´ll let you know when I know! I don´t plan ahead!

What do you do when you´re not making music?
I work in my studio on designing collections.

Do you have any tips you´d like to share with young remixers?
Keep your ears open, do what you like, that´s what counts!

What Madonna did to fashion world?
She influenced me enough to become a designer!!! lol! She brought power to women.

Have you ever in Brazil?
No, never! It´s too far! And I am afriad of flying!!!! But I would love to visit!

Do you have a message to your fans?
Thank you for all your support! I hope I can always keep your feet beating and heads bobbing!

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