EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dubtronic talks about his new remix, Promise To Try

Promise To Try is one of the most touching Madonna songs. Madonna mentions her feelings about her mother, she did the same in other songs like Inside Of Me, Mer Girl and Mother & Father. Now my friend Dubtronic is about to release a remix to thi
s song and we talked about it.
You read everything below.

You already remixed Mer Girl and Mother & Father, both songs mention Madonna´s feelings about her mother. Now you´re about to release Promise To Try ... can we wait a remix to the touching Inside Of Me too?
Actually I never thought of a Inside Of Me remix. But right now I´m getting into donwtempo mixes, so perhaps a Inside Of Me Mix will see the light of day sometimes :)

Why Promise To Try? Define this new remix?
I always loved that song. It made me cry several times. I wanted to make an updated version with beats but tried to keep the integrityof the song. You´ll decide if I did succeed...

Promise To Try is included in Like A Prayer album, the most confessional Madonna album. What do you think about this album and its confessions?
2nd favouite Album after Ray Of Light! I like the dark side of Madonna!

Me too!

Do you think Madonna used her mother´s death to promote herself?
Well, perhaps a little in Truth Or Dare, but I just think that the loss of her mother is one of Madonna´s most dramatic experiences.

Talking about mothers, how is your relationship with yours?
I have a good one, although she lives a bit far away ... Would love to see her more.

I listened to your The Look Of Love reconstruction, it´s awesome; will it be release or you have another remix in mind?
Thank you. It will be released - definately. With the recently leaked instrumentals there could be remixes od Love Profusion, Easy Ride and Spanish Eyes :)
Still working on a You´ll See mix as well ...

Wow, good news! Thanks so much friend.
Now, the Promise To Try preview:

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