EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Monsieur Adi talks about his new remix

My friend Monsieur Adi answers
everything about his new remix, Erotica;
in this new and exclusive interview. Here we go!

Monsieur, it´s wonderful to talk to you again. We are all happy to hear about you again. You remixed get Together, Music and Frozen, these remixes wereloved for everybody. Your latest remix, Frozen, presented some samples of Erotica and
now you remixed this track. Why Erotica?
Hi, thanks again for the questions! Well, I chose Erotica for differente reasons. The main thing is that I love hearing Madonna speak. There´s something in her voice that will make you melt. She knows this and uses her speaking voice effectively. And well, Erotica is a very experimental and sexually charged song so you can do some fantastic things with all of these elements!

Did you use samples of Erotica in your Frozen remix as a clue to us to try to
guess what would be your next remix?
Not at all.

Describe your new remix.
I have a huge love for melody obviously, but sometimes you want to do something different. That´s what happened with "Erotica" in the sense that I wanted to forget a little about a beautiful melody and do something much more dark, raw, and wild. There is still the dramatic element which I love and of course it is sexually charged, but in a tribal ans spiritual way.

Erotica was one of the most unsuccessful albums of Madonna,
what do you think Madonna should have done differently?
Nothing. You cannot effectively push buttons and borders if you later apologise. This is why Madonna is great. She dedicates herself to experimenting in all ways and if others don´t like it, she does not care. She´s so rebel and badass. You have to respect that.

Does Erotica (Monsieur Adi Remix) give us a clue about your next remix?
Not quite.

Monsieur, thanks so much again for this short interview. We are all anxious to listen to more remixes, personaly I´d love to listen to a The Power Of Goodbye / Rain / The Beast Within / Sanctuary / Bedtime Story / Voices / Ray Of Light Monsieur Adi remixes; lol.
Haha, thank you! Who knows what´s going to happen.

Erotica (Monsieur Adi Remix) will be release tomorrow.

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