WORLD PREMIÈRE: Remixers Unites + Exclusive Interview with Donny

REMIXERS UNITED é finalmente lançado.

Esse projeto é muito especial para mim ... embora eu jpa tenha lançado 5 remixes, considero minha participação em REMIXERS UNITED como minha estréia oficial como remixer no mundo madônnico apoiada por Donny e Dubtronic, meus tutores nessa arte.

Ver meu nome na capa do album em meio a nomes já consagrados me fez muito feliz mas a felicidade aumentou a saber que um de meus remixes seria usado para abrir o album, o 1º remix desse projeto que desde já é histórico.

Meu remix escolhido foi The Beast Within (Inco The Time Is Near), que é o úttimo remix de meu "1º lote de remixes". Esse remix é instigante, sufocante e traduz muito bem o que está sendo dito.

REMIXERS UNITED apresenta remixes de Donny, Dubtronic, New Puzzle, Idaho e Lukesant. Todos nós trabalhamos muito para que esse album se tornasse inesquecível para os ouvintes. Posso adiantar que é só o começo. Não via o momento de lançar esse album, cada faixa que eu ouvia e opinava aumenta a ansiedade.

As músicas escolhidas pelos remixers são faixas que geralmente são esquecidas por remixers e que merecem uma nova roupagem, alguns exemplos Get Together, Supernatural, Cherish, Stay e a própria The Beast Within. Supernatural, por exemplo ganhou uma roupagem mais descontraída contendo samples até de Família Adams. Lukesavant nos dá uma prévia do que será Retrofit 3 com um remix para Forbidden Love. Dubtronic e Donny nos presenteiam com 3 remixes inéditos cada um. Cada faixa, seu remixer, seu estilo!

Não irei me prolongar em minha emoção, a história está sendo feita. REMIXERS UNITED deixa claro que embora cada remixer tem seu estilo próprio, cada um respeita e aprecia o trabalho do outro.

Lindo final de semana para todos, curtam esse lançamento e agora deixo que Donny em uma entrevista exclusiva explique melhor o que é REMIXERS UNITED, sua origem e seu esperado futuro.

REMIXERS UNITED - the interview with Donny


Many years ago, there was another website similar to Madonnachile. That's where I first started seeing my own remixes distributed around the world. I also noticed other fan remixers like myself. So I suggested that we should all make a remix of one specific song, and put it on the site for people to download. Fans on that site loved the idea, and somebody suggested that the fans vote on the song to see who had the best remix. We chose the song Die Another Day because it had just been released. I think we had 7 remixers - 7 remixes of Die Another Day. (Actually, there were 8 because I made 2 remixes of the song). The idea was so popular, we did one more song - Amazing. Wow, the remixes submitted were awesome. Many talented remixers.


Yes, and this year I remembered that event and suggested the same thing on Madonnachile. However, I did not like the idea of "voting" for the best remix. I simply wanted all the remixers to each make a mix of one specific song and we could "make our own CD maxi-single". After I posted the idea on Madonnachile, everyone loved the idea. The remixers started volunteering to get involved, like Dubtronic and Lukesavant. They thought it would be better to do a full CD with different songs instead of only one song with different remixes. That is how Remixers United was born.


I suggested the name to a couple of the remixers and they agreed it was a good name. As a remixer, I don't take compliments well. I think I'm good but not great. And I hate the idea of one remixer thinking that they are better or best. If someone thought they were the best, they might not want to get involved with the other remixers. So that made me think that we were all great in our own way, and we should unite on one CD to show we respect each others work. Remixers United.


No, it didn't. At first it was just a few of us, then as word got out, more remixers wanted to participate. It is unfortunate that Bertrand (who makes the Bit Error mixes) had to back out. He was busy with other obligations and couldn't help our project out. And we respect him for his honesty. We hope he will get involved in future projects.


Possibly. I'd like to believe we could all do this again. But right now, after over a month of work, we probably would like a break. But instead of calling it Remixers United 2, I'd like to see R.U. as an organization name, like "Remixers United present: Madonna Love Songs" or "Remixers United present: Breathless Remixes". Wouldn't that be great? All of us remixing one specific album? Like I'm Breathless? Or Confessions? It would be great if R.U. would do two releases a year. Lol, maybe we could have our own logo, like R.U. Ready?


I can only speak for myself. Originally, we all were going to do just one remix. I chose Cherish because I had always dreamed of remixing it. I painstakingly recreated the drum (beat by beat by beat) which was tedious. The acapella samples helped me come up with some great ideas. Then it was suggested by lightyears1981, who does the "Dave Rave" remixes, that we should do 2 songs each to make it feel like more of a full CD instead of an EP. Most of us liked this idea. So I added Supernatural (I had always invisioned a scooby-doo sample in the mix). But in the end, I panicked that I would not have enough to make a full CD, so thanks to Dubtronic's words of encouragement, I did 3 mixes (and he did too - Love you Dub!). Like A Prayer was my 3rd remix. I had started the LAP remix months before to include in my Into The Mood CD compilation, but when time ran out, I abandoned the remix. So fate intervened and I was able to finish the mix and use it on the R.U. compilation.


More than you know. When stress was hitting me, he was there and helped me through it. When I was unsure of an idea or two, I consulted him. We listened to each others mixes and gave feedback. And it was Dubstar's suggestion to use his friend William as the CD artist, designing the cover. William even went and made mp3 images for each song that show up when played on mp3 players.


Yes, where do I begin? I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to every remixer involved for they hard work. The remixes are amazing! I hope we work together in the future. To William for his artwork. Great job! Alee - your New Puzzle mixes are fantastic. Dub - you know how I feel. I could not give you enough compliments. You deserve every one of them. Idaho - There's a reason you're still around in the remixing world. I'm so glad to have worked with you. Lukesavant - I look forward to your next album. The live concept is original and based on the two you supplied for this CD, your album will be your best so far! Inco - you're a beginner but you've got some great ideas. Dub and I agreed that this might help you get started. I envision that you will only get better in the future. Don't give up your dreams. Bertrand (Bit Error mixes) - You have definitely made a name for yourself. Your work is very professional and aspiring. I hope that in the future, you will be part of a new Remixers United project. To Madonna - wow, you make my day, my night, my life. I have no doubt you will continue to provide great material for your fans and remixers. And finally, to the fans who have supported each of the remixers on this CD. Your positive words keep us going. We are there for you - and you are there for us. United. Thanks everyone.


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