The Return Of Samuel: CD II - Dream Sequences

O 2º album desse retorno maravilho é Dream Sequence, outro album cheio de identidade! O próprio Samuel explica o conteúdo desse ótimo album.

Abraço para todos e espero que comentem e apreciem esse retorno do Samuel e o meu prórpio retorno cheio de ânimo.

"What began three years ago evolved into something beyond my wildest dreams. After Lost In Paradise I thought I wouldn’t have anything left in me musically for Madonna and I felt ready to move on but then I wanted to do one final thing to say goodbye. At the time as well, I was learning and developing my skills as a musician and composer and I wanted to up the game a bit. During the summer of 2007 I came up with Has To Be, X-Static Process and a couple of other tracks which didn’t make it here (Promise To Try and Sorry). They were extremely synth driven and would form the backbone of the demos from late 2008 such as Frozen, Don’t Tell Me, Secret and Love Don’t Live Here Anymore. At the time I thought to call the project Vedanta or Mantra but then the direction changed by 2008.

By early 2008 I began writing a lot of my own music and this started to seep through in the mixes I was still working on. I began to strip them down, take away the drums and percussion and began purely new music for Madonna’s songs. The first set of demos were entirely redone and I knew from then I wanted Frozen, Nobody’s Perfect, Take A bow and Mother And Father to have a strong acoustic feel but it would take me another 2 years to carve and create the sound exactly how I envisioned it.

It was also around this time I turned my friend Fernando for help with the title. Having listened to many of the demos he began suggesting title ideas and one of them stuck. Dream Sequences. A title which perfectly summarised the soundscapes I was trying to create. Thank you Fernando for saving me from calling it Fade To Black! The title Dream Sequences has also allowed me to integrate a flowing theme of dreams, consciousness, reality and remembering. This is very much apparent in Lament/Bedtime Story, I’ll Remember/If You Forget Me, 4 Minutes Within The Beast and Mer Girl/I Can’t Remember.

By 2009 I felt ready to release Dream Sequences onto the world but something held me back. It felt premature; especially when I knew that musically I was still learning and tomorrow could bring something more amazing to the collection. So I kept working. Like An Angel, Paradise, Erotica and Rain went through drastic makeovers in that time and I am thankful that I had the patience to keep working but still I felt the best was yet to come.

It was definitely fun bringing together Don’t Tell Me and one of my all time favourite songs Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd and am very proud to say that all of what you hear is me playing the song entirely. The only other track on Dream Sequences which features pre-made elements in Heartbeat, borrowing from Empire of the Sun, an idea which came to me as I sat in a bar one afternoon enjoying a mojito when the song came out. I couldn’t wait to get home and if you listen carefully you’ll also hear elements of Cherish combined with it.

In early 2010 the magic moment I was waiting for finally arrived just by chance. An accident while recording a mixdown lead to one of my favourite pieces being created. For over 20 years I have loved Oh Father and my dream was always to work on this song. Finally able to recognise the drum programming no the track I managed to successfully beatmap it and then began re-creating the piano, organ and string arrangements to really bring them out, once the additional effects and vocals were added, the song sounded fresh and new and will always be one of my favourite things I have ever done.

And so now to June 2010, and I present to you, Dream Sequences. It’s everything I have left in me for Madonna and everything I feel I could give her music, depth, dimension and most of all…dreams."


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