NEWS: A-Z - Donny´s Alphabet Remixes

Conforme escrevi a pouco, estou de volta e com novidades exclusivas, incríveis e maravilhosas.
Uma delas vem diretamente do querido Donny, que finalmente me autorizou a revelar um projeto que vinha trabalhando a quase um ano. O album será duplo e a primeira parte será lançado dentro de poucos dias.

Segue as palavras do próprio Donny:

"Thank you, everyone, for supporting me in my art of remixing. Sometimes I get involved in too many projects at the same time, and it makes some projects get put on the hold or delayed. This has happened with my "Into The Mood" CD-single, that I had anticipated releasing one each month. Unfortunately, focusing on those ITM singles slowed me down on releasing my new Madonna CD (A to Z, Donny´s Alphabet Remixes), which I have been working on for almost a year. Because of the need to focus on that CD and it´s follow-up of volume 2, I am sad to announce that the ITM singles will no be released monthly, but will appear randomly over the next year and half. Inco and his site have been a great supporter of my work, and I thank him. His site is an amazing resource for Madonna fans. While you wait patiently for the ITM singles, I hope you enjoy the other releases I offer of Madonna songs. With all my love and appreciation,

Que novidade boa né? Algumas faixas previews na versão "Radio Edit" já foram lançadas aqui, Animal, Broken, Dear Jessie e Heartbeat lembram? Agora é só aguardar mais alguns dias!


1. Animal (Donny's Primitive Mix)
2. Broken (Donny's Fragile Mix)
3. Cry Baby (Donny's Teardrop Mix)
4. Dear Jessie (Donny's Fantasy Mix)
5. Express Yourself (Donny's Out and Proud Mix)
6. Fighting Spirit (Donny's Arena Mix)
7. Gone Gone Gone (Donny's Disappearing Mix)
8. Heartbeat (Donny's Fell In Love Mix)
9. It's So Cool (Donny's Awesome Mix)
10. Justify My Love (Donny's Yearning Mix)
11. Keep It Together (Donny's Family Mix)
12. Liquid Love (Donny's Meltdown Mix)
13. Music (Donny's Rebel Dance Mix)

VOLUME 2 - Available late spring 2012
1. Nothing Really Matters (Donny's Carefree Mix)
2. Oh Father (Donny's Abandoned Mix)
3. Pray For Spanish Eyes (Donny's Candle Mix)
4. Queen's English (Donny's Vocabulary Mix)
5. Revenge (Donny's Vengeful Mix)
6. Superpop (Donny's Presidential Mix)
7. Till Death Do Us Part (Donny's Wedding Mix)
8. Unapologetic Mini-Mix
9. Vogue (Donny's Dance On Air Mix)
10. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Donny's Effeminate Mix)
11. X-Static Process (Donny's Eternal Hope Mix)
12. You Must Love Me (Donny's Slipping Away Mix)
13. Zepher vs. Ray Of Light (Donny's Mash-Up)

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