Frozen - Monsieur Adi Remixes

O dia realmente já esquentou com a postagem anterior, mas para o dia realmente ficar quentes, lanço dois remixes novíssimos de Monsieur Adi. Monsieur Adi é uma nova figura no cenário madônnico e Frozen já é seu 3º remix (Get Together e Music foram os outros) e o melhor em minha opinião. A descrição (tocante) abaixo é do próprio Monsieur:

The final remix of this trilogy is one of Frozen. It is such an iconic song of Madonna that really first made me notice Madonna. The dellicacy, fragility, and darkness of the song matched with the video really left a mark on me. Just last year I have lost my mother which was the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life ; I don't believe anything else could hurt me as much as that. After it, I suppose I became a little "Frozen" creatively and emotionally, but recently I've just started to release and return to my old self. I wanted to keep with the spiritual aspect of the song and not do too much. The remix builds in and on itself with a tribal beat, french horns, a cathedral organ, synths, and a choir to back Madonna. It's been fantastic working with her voice ! Here is the product !

Merci: Monsieur Adi

Frozen (Monsieur Adi Remix)

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