HOLIDAY - Donny's Relaxing In The Sun Mix (Remodeled Version)

Esse post é especial, o próprio Donny explica:

"When I made this mix for my ambient CD project "Into The Mood", I ended up lowering Madonna's vocals to match the key of the music. The end result was "okay" but not my best. I suddenly realized what I should have done: I should have changed the key of the music to match Madonna's vocals - NOT the other way around. And that is what I have done here for you. Behold - the new and improved vocal mix of my earlier mix."

WANT MORE? As a way to say thank you to Inco and his Holidayshare site, I will be releasing exclusively on his site 15 "cd maxi-singles" - one each month, based on the 15 tracks from my "Into The Mood" CD. Released on his site the 1st day of each month for 15 months. First up (August 1) will be my "cd maxi-single" of Holiday. It will include the version posted here right now, as well as an instrumental, acapella, CLUB DANCE MIX and DUB MIX. Since it will be exclusive to Inco's site, I'm leaving it up to him to promote it. (And no, this is NOT the double CD project I have been working on. More on THAT later - smile)
Keep the peace.

Cover: Madonna Fan Made Covers

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