Beautiful Stranger (Monsieur Adi Remixes)

Monsieur Adi retorna com um "belo e estranho" remix para a ótima Beautiful Stranger.
A resenha para o remix é do próprio Monsieur Adi:

"Five remixes over the course of five months for one woman. This project would never have started if there was not a sincere respect for her and her music. I decided to finish with the song « Beautiful Stranger » as the lyrics are wonderful and I wanted to make a beautiful remix to match them by putting my orchestral training to use a little more. Starting at a quiet place with pizzicato cello and building with each orchestral section coming in, the remix builds until an interlude, only to hit its first high point with a different kind of drumming pattern. The synth works and more instruments come in until the choir begins to sing hitting an epic crescendo. Dramatic ? Yes. But would I have it any other way ? No."

Começo de semana completamente sem tempo... linda semana. A capa, igualmente bela e estranha foi feita sob medida por Alê Sagatto.

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